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    Leave a Messy Garden in the Fall!

    Many pollinators require an insulating layer of fallen grasses, branches, and leaves when overwintering on the ground. A messy garden gives pollinators the habitat they need to survive the winter months.

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    We've Answered your Questions!

    During Pollinator Week (June 20-26), our distinguished experts answered your pollinator-related questions! Click "Read More" to see if the answers to your questions!

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    Learn more about Manitoba pollinators!

    Bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, flies and hummingbirds - these are just a few insects that contribute to a healthy ecosystem.

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    Did you know...

    About 85% of all flowering plants require a pollinator to make seed. This includes both plants in natural ecosystems and in the crops and orchards that we rely on for food.

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    Invite pollinators into your community

    Work together with members of your community to encourage pollinator habitat within school, business and home landscapes.

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    Interested in gardening?

    Browse the "Protecting Pollinators" tab to learn more about creating pollinator gardens in your backyard.

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BBee Better MB logoee Better Manitoba is a group of like-minded organizations who have come together with a common goal - to inspire and empower Manitobans to protect, conserve and create pollinator-friendly habitat at home and in their communities.

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What's New?

CPAWS Webinar: Rare & Endangered Plants in Manitoba - Nov 5

cpaws webinarOn November 5, The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS) Manitoba Chapter is hosting a free webinar with Dr. Diana Bizecki Robson, Curator of Botany at the Manitoba Museum, where she will share her research findings on some of the rarest plants in Manitoba - including Western Silvery Aster and Hairy Prairie-clover. 

She will also discuss her discovery of a new, endemic species of water-lily, why some plants are rare, and how we can protect them to ensure they’ll be around for years to come.

Click here to register for the webinar!

September Webinars hosted by The Butterflyway Project / David Suzuki Foundation

Fall gardening tips from Lorraine Johnson 
Sunday September 12, 2021 at 1:00 PM Central Time

 The David Suzuki Foundation presents renowned author and native plant gardening expert Lorraine Johnson. She will give tips and advice on how to ensure your backyard or garden is a sanctuary for local wildlife this fall. The talk will be approximately 90 minutes, including a Q and A. Register here.

Fall gardening tips with Linda Gilkeson
Sunday, September 26, 2021 3:00 PM Central Time

 The David Suzuki Foundation presents author and gardening expert Linda Gilkeson. She will provide tips and advice about how to ensure your garden and yard are sanctuaries for local wildlife this fall. Note: the focus will be on gardening in BC's coastal regions. 
Register here

Douglas Tallamy and the Homegrown National Park Project
Sunday, October 17, 2021 12:00 PM Central Time

The David Suzuki Foundation presents best-selling author and conservationist Douglas Tallamy speaking about the launch of the Homegrown National Park Project in Canada. Register here

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